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Hello Readers! Today we are talking about Shutter angles and Flicker Free settings on the GH5. I'm going to go
Hello Readers! The Last few weeks I finally was able to start playing around with Anamorphic shooting on the GH5.
In a very surprise announcement YouTube has made significant changes to its Partner Program. For those not aware the partner
Recently and finally I was able to buy a GH5. Late to the game I have been waiting for this
Happy holidays and new year everyone! I did a short video with a holiday message to my subscribers and my
4K editing workstation components on a budget (*with 8K future proofing) 4K Video Editing is now becoming more of a
Red Algae Problems I have a problem I want to tell you about. During the last year or so, i
I would like to send out condolences to the terrible recent events in Edmonton and Las Vegas and other parts
Welcome to Solar Eclipse August 21st, 2017! With all the buzz about the solar eclipse I had to do a
Hello fellow filmmakers! In this part 3 of the Article series, I bring you an updated and fully functional version