Kevin ProfileWelcome to Karr Galaxy Studios!

Karr Galaxy Studios is the name of my production company (and personal brand) for the pursuit of creativity, writing, art, video (YouTube) and photography. I also aim to educate and entertain occasionally with a side of humor… and my brand’s motto “To create captivating imagery and entertainment that’s out of this galaxy!”

Originally Karr Galaxy Studios started like every other YouTube channel does, trying to find where it fits in the grand scheme. That mission is still continuing much the way real life does. Its now evolving into more than just a YouTube channel.

I called it Galaxy Studios because like me, I have many “regions or silos” of creativity. that is why Studios is plural in the name.

The mission has always been and to continue to generate great art or content that I like or feel is missing or that audiences would want to see or know about. What’s new, what’s interesting, what works and what’s useful dominate most of my thought processes but now also creativity and great story telling as I transition into writing more and more. My YouTube channel is really just a bunch of different things coming together artistically, it has one main goal, entertainment. I am honored that you are here, reading, watching or enjoying my art. Through watching my YouTube videos I hope to provide fantastic imagery, pass along my knowledge about things I have experienced or know about in order to help others. I will also talk about things I am just plain passionate about. Its more than just a YouTube channel website, its my home for creativity, publishing and general expression of who I am and what I like to share. The website content is changing as I change. The content of the YouTube channel will be around for a long time but hopefully will also change over time (although i must admit I have not been able to produce much for the last two years), but the mission won’t because I can’t be anyone but who I am.

Update May 2022:

Its been a rough few years hasn’t it?

The pandemic has changed things dramatically. We have a war in Europe in Ukraine and the world is on the brink of a world war and now fears of famine and food shortages in the world as well as increase costs of everything from gas to food. Who would have thought the world would change so much in so short of time.

We are still going through that pandemic however but I think most now agree that much of the deadlier effects of the pandemic are behind us. The ones who are most suffering now are the countries and people who did not get the vaccine but heard immunity is having an effect. The real hero of the entire thing was the dedicated health professionals who worked tirelessly and also the teams that designed the mRNA vaccine technology that made it possible for our own bodies to produce what they need, training it as it were, to protect ourselves. Millions of deaths could have been prevented had government officials simply didn’t play politics with the virus and everyone trusted the health professionals from the beginning. No one is perfect, there are hero stories and there are complete failures but humanity paid for the mistakes and misinformation to the public in blood. 2020 up to 2022 will be remembered as the plague years I’m sure (lets hope there isn’t worse coming – looking at you monkey pox, don’t mutate okay?).

As far as changes around here, For the last two years I have shifted my creative focus to writing. I won’t lie, I haven’t been wanting to continue. I’ve been struggling personally for some time in my own personal life that only now seems to be changing a bit for the better.

I have transitioned to writing screenplays and then started learning how to write a full blown middle-grade children’s novel of which I am trying to pitch to agents currently. This has taken more time and effort than I realized as creating a novel, and creating a novel that is Good, is tough and is an art all its own.

I am hoping to have good news on the agent front in the near future but all I can say for now is that I will keep writing and hoping and sending those queries out for the time being.

Unfortunately that means Youtube videos are taking a back seat again for the time being once again but I will keep trying to write great articles and things of interest as I find them from time to time in 2022 so stick around at least for a while longer.

More about me: Although I I’ve been interested in Film and television (specifically Science Fiction) and art ever since the late 80’s (and more recently writing and painting). I was that kid who always was making and planning adventure home movies and couldn’t wait to rent the VHS camcorder from the local video store for a weekend or special family event, create my own story or draw comic book heroes with my friends. I was fascinated by special effects and how movie magic was done. Since the technology has enabled me to learn the movie and film making processes and produce much higher quality products, I have now started coming back to some of that child hood creativity and combined it with my technical skills. As a kid, I had several creative past times which I have now just started getting back to. Acrylic painting and writing are new to my past times allowing me to incorporate them into my future video productions on YouTube going forward.

Photography has also become a central and useful skill. Similar to Video in a lot of respects, it’s very much a different medium but has helped me enjoy the art of image tremendously. Photography has also allowed me to explore the outdoors, colors and natural beauty that we take for granted each and every day and I share those with you on my Instagram gallery (check out the Gallery Tab).

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Enjoy and Welcome to Karr Galaxy Studios!