Kevin ProfileWelcome to Karr Galaxy Studios!

Karr Galaxy Studios is the name of my production company (and personal brand) for the pursuit of creativity, writing, art, video (YouTube) and photography. I also aim to educate and entertain occasionally with a side of humor… and my brand’s motto “To create captivating imagery and entertainment that’s out of this galaxy!”

Originally Karr Galaxy Studios started like every other YouTube channel does, trying to find where it fits in the grand scheme. That mission is still continuing much the way real life does. It’s called Galaxy Studios because like me, I have many “regions or silos” of creativity. that is why Studios is plural in the name. The mission has always been and to continue to generate content that I like or feel is missing or that audiences would want to see or know about. What’s new, what’s interesting, what works and what’s useful dominate most of my thought processes. Although my YouTube channel is really just a bunch of different things coming together, it has one main goal, entertainment. I am honored that you are here, reading or watching my content. Through watching my videos I hope to provide fantastic imagery, pass along my knowledge about things I have experienced or know about in order to help others. I will also talk about things I am just plain passionate about. The channel is constantly changing. The content of the channel will also change over time but not the mission.

2020 and up to September 2021:

Sadly, I have not produced much in the way of video content since the fall of 2020 and before that during whole pandemic year. I continue to face real challenges, like a lot of us artists do, trying to survive while also facing the fallout and constantly changing landscape from the pandemic and dealing with the effects from that in society and our personal lives in so many ways. Challenges range from technology, business, financial, family and even mental health challenges just to name a few. I’m sure most of you can relate. The year 2020 and 2021 (fall of 2021 as I write this), the pandemic is not over and the Delta, Delta+ and even Lambda variants are still threats. We brace ourselves for yet a possible fourth wave with possible shutdowns in Canada. The fear that the media and medical professionals is generating still after a year and half of this is frightening us again. Not knowing how things will turn out in the end or whether this nightmare will ever end creates all kinds of stress. Even fully vaccinated people have suffered and been hospitalized due to recent numbers due to this latest variant (although to a lesser degree than before without any vaccine – please I beg you if you haven’t already, GO GET VACCINATED! Science does work!) All of this has brought new insight and new fear into the equation. But fear not, we will get through this. Striking events relating to UFO’s, possible aliens and even a senate hearing on the subject? Things have gotten weird folks. Let alone all of the other attrocious news, 2021 and the world at large don’t seem to be much better. All of these events of the past and this shaping a dramatic and devastating effect on the world and on me personally but I want to say that I am still here and I’m still breathing and creating just in a much more reduced capacity at the moment. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and appreciate what they do have. So I wanted to say that although it may not look like I’m being as productive on the YouTube front right now, I’m taking a positive break right now. I am and will continue to create something at some point. That is actually an achievement in itself these days. Getting something finished and accomplished. Last year my interests changed and I was able to achieve something I never thought I would. I created my first Film Screenplay. Writing has become a new passion which has shifted me from video for a while. Heres hoping good things as a result. At the very least, I’ve learned something and I can share that with you.

For now, all I can say is that the galaxy is still spinning and when it comes around again to video, reset assured I will develop more content, so stay with me here!

For now Please check out my previous video content on my YouTube channel in the link on this website, on the right hand column. You can also search my blog for any past interesting articles. I also have a small online store. Consider purchasing something if you want to support me and the channel. All profits go directly to me and the channel and you get good quality merch. Please have a look in the shop page for other merchandise such as photography and even artworks and clothing!

More about me: Although I I’ve been interested in Film and television (specifically Science Fiction) and art ever since the late 80’s. I was that kid who always was making and planning adventure home movies and couldn’t wait to rent the VHS camcorder from the local video store for a weekend or special family event, create my own story or draw comic book heroes with my friends. I was fascinated by special effects and how movie magic was done. Since the technology has enabled me to learn the movie and film making processes and produce much higher quality products, I have now started coming back to some of that child hood creativity and combined it with my technical skills. As a kid, I had several creative past times which I have now just started getting back to. Acrylic painting and writing are new to my past times allowing me to incorporate them into my future video productions on YouTube going forward.

Photography has also become a central and useful skill. Similar to Video in a lot of respects, it’s very much a different medium but has helped me enjoy the art of image tremendously. Photography has also allowed me to explore the outdoors, colors and natural beauty that we take for granted each and every day and I share those with you on my Instagram gallery (check out the Gallery Tab).

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Enjoy and Welcome to Karr Galaxy Studios!