Welcome to Karr Galaxy Studios!

Karr Galaxy Studios is a production company (and my personal brand) for the pursuit of creativity, through Youtube, writing, art, and photography. I also aim to educate and entertain occasionally with a side of humor… and my brand’s motto “To create captivating imagery and entertainment that’s out of this galaxy”

Originally Karr Galaxy Studios started like every other Youtube channel does, trying to find where I fit and generating content that I liked or that I feel people would want to see or know. The Youtube channel is really a creation of a bunch of different things coming together into one main goal, entertaining anyone who wants to watch my videos and providing fantastic imagery while educating people on things that I know and want to pass along or am passionate about. The Channel is constantly changing. The content of the channel will also change over time but not the mission.

I am also an artist and photographer and it is my hope that one day my collection will gain in popularity so that others can take home a piece of my creativity for themselves. I recently have started posting some of my photography works in my online store for 2019!

(please a have a look in the shop page for merchandise, photography and eventually artworks!)

More about me: I’ve been interested in Film and television (specifically Science Fiction) and art ever since the late 80’s. I was that kid who always was making and planning adventure home movies and couldn’t wait to rent the VHS camcorder from the local video store for a weekend or special family event, create my own story or draw comic book heroes with my friends. I was fascinated by special effects and how movie magic was done. Since the technology has enabled me to learn the movie and film making processes and produce much higher quality products, I have now started coming back to some of that child hood creativity and combined it with my technical skills (lately I’ve had the time). As a kid, I had several creative past times which I have now just started getting back to. Acrylic painting and writing are new to my past times allowing me to incorporate them into my future video productions on YouTube going forward.

More recently however Photography has now become a central and useful skill. Similar to Video in a lot of respects, it’s very much a different medium but has helped me enjoy the art of image tremendously. Photography has also allowed me to explore the outdoors, colors and natural beauty that we take for granted each and every day and I share those with you on my Instagram gallery (check out the Gallery Tab).

YouTube and the world have gone through several changes since I started back in 2015. Keeping the lights on and technology working has been difficult in the years since I started the YouTube channel. Money is tight and the potential to earn income directly from Youtube is now more difficult to achieve on its own for those just getting their feet wet on the platform and thus I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I really do appreciate any contributions or purchases you have or will decide to make as a viewer, subscriber or loyal follower. Thank you.

Making this content isn’t free or cheap… If you like the content please consider donating, subscribing, liking and sharing our content. It really does help the channel and helps me out personally!

Enjoy and Welcome to Karr Galaxy Studios!