Kevin KarrWelcome to Karr Galaxy Studios !

I’m your host Kevin.

Who am I ? That’s a question I ask myself a lot lately. I’m originally just an ordinary guy (yes I’m Canadian!) approaching middle age that has a creative side and decided to do something a bit different from anything I’ve done before. As i write this its now the beginning of the year 2016 and i’m still struggling to get by. Saving the sob story, this website and its mandate is clear… To create captivating entertainment and provide stunning photography.

Karr Galaxy Studios is really a creation of a bunch of different things coming together into one main goal. Entertaining anyone who wants to watch our videos and providing tantalizing imagery. I say Our and I interchangeably as I generally work with friends and associates on some projects and alone on others.

More about me: I’ve been interested in Film and television (specifically Science Fiction) ever since the late 80’s. I was that kid who always was making and planning adventure home movies and couldn’t wait to rent the VHS camcorder from the local video store for a weekend or special family event. I was fascinated by special effects and how movie magic was done. Since the technology has enabled me to learn the movie and film making processes and produce much higher quality products, I have now started coming back to some of that child hood creativity and combined it with my technical skills (lately i’ve had the time). Video publishing sites like Youtube or Vimeo has allowed what i once dreamed about as a kid now possible, distributing my creations to others who might find value in them.

More recently however Photography has now become another passion. Similar to Video in a lot of respects, it’s very much a different medium. I have enjoyed learning photography because its expanded my understanding of creating great shots whether photo or video.

Now as it approaches the end of 2016 my Real Estate Photography business is getting ready to launch to start providing our prospective realtors and Comfree home owners a great photography and videography service to sell their homes or properties ! Check out our real estate photography website http://photography.karrgalaxy.com for more details.

Although this website has started as a springboard for all my ideas in the areas of video and film, it will grow as time goes on and I am hoping that our audience also grows. Subscribing and watching our videos all the way through helps our channel tremendously.

Early in 2016 I released a couple of videos of our First animated comedy series. We hope everyone enjoyed them! If you didn’t, complaints can be sent to Abboudai, care of needle in a hay stack, middle east. Q the laugh track..

Seriously though, we would appreciate any feedback on this series as the future of the series very much depends on your support.

Please enjoy our content (if you don’t, tell your friends perhaps they might like something ?)

Humour is usually free… however making videos is not..

Please consider donating, subscribing, liking and sharing our content. It really does help !

Enjoy and Welcome!