A Letter to the World…

Hello everyone,

I have debated with myself to even write this article. It’s so hard to concentrate on things around me, things seem irrelevant compared to the news in which our very survival is threatened daily by the events going on. Most people don’t seem to realize just how close the world is to the brink…

The world is on the edge of its seat.

I have just watched President Zelensky’s address to the Canadian Parliament today and felt I needed to reflect my thoughts and feelings about the current world situation.

First and foremost, I have been deeply moved by the Ukrainians struggle and sacrifice in a war that is now known as the war for democracy against tyranny and dictatorial aggression.

I am proud to be a Canadian and in my own way supporting Ukraine and the fight for democracy.

President Zelensky is a true hero in that fight and continues to hold the admiration and respect of all western allies and NATO members. The sheer evil that the Russian regime has inflicted (not the russian people themselves – most are ashamed of the actions of its government – those that are not have been brainwashed by lack of information), on Ukraine’s citizens is unrelenting and is a crime against humanity. It must stop.

Nothing can justify targeting civilians in any war. It is against the Geneva convention and to that end I write this letter to the rest of humanity for hopes that it will inspire action and provide my perspective on the coming days.

My Letter

To all the civilians of Earth,

The end of the humanity is closer than we think if the escalation and sheer brutality continues.

The doomsday clock is now counting down faster, at last count 75 seconds to midnight. The end of humanity.

The actions of a select few individuals who play geopolitical games with peoples livelihoods for the sake of ideological ideals and dreaming up of fantasy scenarios and evil empire building is and should remain a topic for the past, not the 21st century. Time cannot go backwards and humanity must not fall into the terrible patterns of greed, corruption, vicious extremes, communism and expansionism resulting in anti-freedoms and plunging us back into the dark ages of global uncertainty and war.

The recent actions of Russia’s regime and it’s lack of compromise has brought the world to the point of destruction once again. There are many complexities but the end result is the same.

Peace is shattered in Europe… Again!

The lessons of history, of human error, of compassion, and of empathy seem lost to leaders in countries that continue to impose their agendas, their values, their control, and their careless views inflicting mass suffering and destruction on a scale not seen since World War Two.

I have been so distraught over watching the events unfolding and the arguments and mentality of the past re-ignited again. I am sickened watching people suffer, having to end up refugees for a war no one wanted or supports. And what really is that war for? For the Ukrainians they have no choice, they are fighting for their lives, their homes and their dignity and freedoms.

What does Russia want? To control a population? to stoke fear and oppression? To justify a way of life that most people don’t want to live in?

This is war of Democracy versus Autocracy.

Democracy in mine and many’s opinion is that it exists as the best political system humanity has created to date. Many have argued over this for a very long time.

But In my opinion, there hasn’t been a better one invented yet but it is fragile and needs a lot of support and maintenance to work successfully.

No system is 100% perfect in anything we do. Everyone agrees on that but there is no better political system on the planet invented…yet.

We also can agree that it’s not a one size fits all arrangement and in some cases, doesn’t work well like fitting a square peg on a round hole at first. What matters is that it’s a process to getting to the democratic threshold and that countries who have successfully adapted it have benefited but directly attacking the system rather then defending or peacefully discussing and amending the system does nothing but create chaos, war and death.

I don’t know how many times we need to learn the lessons of the past on this. The cost in human life for any type of drastic change in history has been immense. It’s a sobering thought. change really is hard but that’s not what we are talking about at the moment.

No one in their right mind in the west will stand by and let democracy totally fail in the world when its created many decades of peace.

The battle over political systems and who’s right and wrong has been raging in the world for decades, many wars have been fought over this very principle and still we continue not being able to live beside other countries who are not as enlightened or forward thinking. We have tried this many times. We will keep trying for the sake of peace but we have to acknowledge the many failures but also some successes.

We’ve tried everything. Everyone is tired of these global struggles but we can NEVER get 100% complacent that the opponents to freedom and the democratic values that western allied countries value will never come under threat because we’ve let it happen.

It is happening now and has been for many years in the making yet again.

We all thought this was in the past. Me included. Boy were we all wrong.

Our opponents have ruthlessly been undermining us, stoking the very roots of our way of life that have paved in past wars in blood, sweat and tears. We must honor all that fought before and died to protect this way of life or else nothing will have any meaning and we will have lost everything we gained.

I hate war. I hate conflict and I hate fighting and so do many others. Some fight with words like me, and some fight with bullets like many of you out there now. If there are alternatives, we must continue to look for them but we must unfortunately be vigilant. There is no choice. The alternative is death. Death to a way of life, death to a system of government that functions and provides the essential freedoms and global peace and security to which many of my generation and younger have enjoyed.

It is a wake up call.

Like it or not every single person is involved in this system we call the world.

I am here writing today to share my thoughts of today’s events and those of the future and because frankly I don’t think we all have much time left to turn things around as a species.

Our planet and our civilization are in peril.

I’m also making the statement that I think it is now no longer up to just governments to single handedly get us out of this mess. They are still needed and the rule of law should be protected but the power is in the hands of individuals directly involved where real change can happen. We’ve seen it start to happen already. You can’t blame people for wanting this.

Although it’s definitely not up to a government in power like Russia’s to put an end to a conflict when they are in fact the main aggressors fueled by one man’s warped ego, he won’t stop it now. He and his cowardly friends are too far in over their heads and frankly I don’t think he cares about people, if he did he would have backed down and sent his troops home instead launching an all out invasion.

So it is up to cooler heads, politicians, leaders, generals and citizens of the people centered around this conflict that have the capability to make change towards peaceful outcomes.

In Democracy the power is with the people and when you anger the people and threaten them enough, they do and will respond. In the east, the people are suppressed, manipulated and lied to given a false narrative so much so that go along to a plan which all intensive purposes is a complete lie making them complicit in the illegal activities and legitimizing crimes against humanity to achieve little to help them in the long run.

The Russian people need to make choices now.

Stand by and let Putin destroy their own country in addition to Ukraine or do something about it.

I and the rest of Canadians appeal to all law abiding individuals to stand up to Putin in any way you can. Not doing so means the destruction of not only Ukraine but of Russia itself because Putin’s actions result in the destruction of not only the economy but also of people’s livelihoods in Russia itself.

Some say its our sanctions that have damaged Russia. Do not blame the west for this. We didn’t start this thing.

In a brief moment of fairness, even though none has been shown to Ukrainians from Russia much, I do believe the west needs to carefully consider allowing food shipments into Russia again.

No one should have to starve to death on the planet, ever.

Creating a humanitarian crisis in Russia does not serve the west’s purposes either and only creates a bigger mess and more suffering to potential political allies in Russia that could affect real change there on everyone’s behalf.

Again, I and the world stand with Ukraine but not all ends justify the means and the Russian civilians who do not support this war should not have to bare the burden of a dictator who doesn’t give a shit about them either, they are also victims but they have more choices, Ukrainians don’t.

The real victims are the Ukrainians who are suffering daily.

I can’t even imagine having to leave my home and becoming a refugee overnight. The fear, the uncertainty and the stress of that. You sincerely have everyone’s sympathy and support as the world can provide it at the moment.

Even Justin Trudeau calls Ukraine a friend. That is an understatement.

And still all of the talk by reporters and political leaders think there is a way to get Putin to stop politically from the west.

Let’s face it, there isn’t a golden offramp when dealing with this man.

Putin will not stop with Ukraine if he gets any form of success or gains the upper hand.

Let’s also not kid ourselves. The minute Canada and the western NATO allies decided to assist Ukraine with weapons, we became a target. We are already in an undocumented struggle with Russia, just not a hot war yet. That can change at a minutes notice as Putin isn’t a rule follower. He’s already demonstrated that. Canada must be prepared at home and abroad as should the rest of our NATO allies in case this madman decides to do something worse.

We didn’t start this conflict but we sure as hell will finish it if Putin tries to attack any of us. That has been the message over and over.

Putin will continue to pursue his views of empire building through conflict and control because he fears being seen as weak and fears being controlled or conquered by the west even though that is exactly what will happen if he continues on this murdering rampage through Europe unless he is stopped by monetary means, internal revolt or by external force.

He’s in too deep now.

We cannot stand by and allow this to continue.

No one wants another World War. It is unthinkable. It just may simply be unavoidable when dealing with a determined uncompromising opponent.

Ukraine has suffered enough and now the world is starting to feel the effects of Putin’s actions which will only get worse. We are one accident or missile landing in the wrong country away from World War. One thing can spiral this situation out of control. That’s scary.

Putin started this, and now it is up to the world to figure out how to put this to rest without destroying the planet and humanity in the process. I hope cooler heads prevail but more actions are needed.

We’re running out of time.

Sincerely, Global Peace.


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