Update: Humanity can’t survive World War 3. Aliens, please ask humans to stop?

Hello All.

Before you say it, yes its a catchy title isn’t it, click baity in fact? But it makes you think from that perspective, what if it happened?

Relax. I do not have any alien friends to ask (as far as i know of). Most of them probably wouldn’t take my call anyways figuring that it was just more human spam calls.

Remember when I used to create articles about Fish, cameras, etc? Yeah, I’d love to get back to that soon…

Today I am sad.

I don’t know about all of you but I’m getting tired of the constant dread that is both the news and the reality we are all current living in around the world, watching the daily horror show that is the news both foreign and right here close to home for us. I feel it is my duty as writer to comment on recent events (but not to cause pain or anguish to anyone – just to provoke thoughts).

I’d first like to provide you with some good news however.

The good news comes in the form of progress.

Fusion Power soon?

Fusion Power is advancing in both understanding and scientific feasibility. with the JET Tokamak in the UK finally achieving ignition for a full 5 seconds and creating a net energy effect, it is a huge milestone in the yet to come fusion power research to replace our planets energy supply with carbon zero emissions.

Congratulations Scientists! Every step we make in this direction is a positive one and we learn a lot by doing.

I am now optimistic that I will see the dawn of this technology start to replace our coal fired and nuclear fission plants thus fixing the source of a lot of our greenhouse gas emission problem at the source.

the downside is, according to experts we are still 20 to 30 years before the first power plants are built which means that to change our climate drastically, we will possibly be a little late to the party. Let’s hope everything goes well from here and climate capture or other technologies can bridge the gap. At least we now know it will actually happen.

My latest novel developments

Some of you may be following my announcement at christmas that I was working on the novel version of my screenplay for a fantasy action-adventure series I am writing. I am here to report that i’ve been working hard and now almost finished my second draft of this novel having gone through numerous drafts of the screenplay and then a zero draft and first draft of the novel. Its now starting to get into shape. Much to the dismay of my back and shoulders lately.

Anyways, having gone through several edit sessions and corrections I am now going line by line now to fix some mistakes and polish the draft off before I prepare to submit it to an agent for representation.

Wish me luck!

It’s an exciting time for my writing but I’m pretty tired both physically and emotionally at the moment.

Writing a novel is a lot of work.

I have a plan, I’m working towards it and with a little luck I’m hoping to share a lot more info on this project with you in the near future, hoping to one day be able to share with you all of that hard work.

that is of course if any of us are all still here in the next month… (here comes the negative – PS I’m sorry about that – stop reading if you need to).

World War must be avoided

I never in my worst nightmare thought I would be writing a subtitle or title like that.

The world is literally on the precipice of going down a rabbit hole of chaos and destruction…again.

Doesn’t anyone study history?

Why does history have to repeat itself over and over again only for humanity to fail to learn the same lessons over and over again.

I am talking of course about the current Geopolitical situation in Europe which has everyone on edge.

Things look grim to say the least.

It’s the day before Valentines Day here in Canada at the time of me writing this and all I can think of is how “From Russia with Love” is such a sarcastic title back in the day and on this day, taken from an old 007 Bond movie from the 1960s. That’s supposed to be a joke folks. Don’t kill me.

I want to take a moment and say that most civilians are against any such aggression or war of any kind and that diplomacy needs to start thinking in terms of compromise on all sides of the conflict. That means no one gets exactly what they want here.

I think back to history with the Cuban missile crisis and how the US has managed to live in peace with Cuba (a communist state) close to its shore for decades. It is possible to live close to a neighbour you may have disagreements with although perhaps not pleasant at times so why can’t other nations do the same?

I have neighbours I like and ones I can’t stand. One has a dog that’s been barking for two years that I am at odds with regularly. it’s ugly but we still manage to live our daily lives beside one another without sending in armed troops to take over their house?

The cost to peoples Lives, the economic cost and the psychological toll of any confrontation in force would be felt for generations and will most likely spill over into other parts of the world, disrupting supplies, goods and in other ways we haven’t even seen before. The World is and should be a global partner now.

A war in this century would be like no other in history and may even end the human race as we know it.

I do not want Planet of the Apes to become a reality. I’d much rather have the United Federation of Planets.

Maybe war doesn’t wipe all of us out immediately but little by little world war will consume or affect everyone in some way.

Many will die, many will suffer and many more will die later on when thigns get real bad.

Not a future I want.

The best way to prevent this war is to stop it before it happens.

Nothing and I mean nothing is worth killing people over in the long run.

Breaking the global peace isn’t worth the price of admission.

The aggressive policies of certain leaders who over unwarranted fears trying to justify turning back the clock do not make sense in the modern world. Is there loss? Yes, but we had decades of peace as a result.

Note: we are talking about regimes here, not the civilians. Civilians are the ones caught in the middle. they must suffer the burdens of others decisions whether they support the idea of a war or not. It is terrible. Just look at history.

The disruption to global peace must end.

All parties need to take time to self-analyze and pursue relationship building and not destroying. That doesn’t mean you can’t always get what you want. Sometimes you have to compromise and work with people.

I know it sucks. As a civilian I’ve made a lot of compromises at times and I know how hard negotiations on certain things can be but I still think about others in the process.

Everyone needs to chill out, go back home and enjoy either a UK Pint, Canadian icewine, an American Beer, A Ukranian medovukha (fermented honey? Had to look it up).. or a Russian Vodka and start thinking about family and building good memories for our children again instead of this madness.

Some things need to change but they can’t change at the end of a barrel.

The pendulum swings in both directions, the harder you knock it, the more each side gets hit when it finally hits back.

This is truth and this is the world in which we live in.

Humanity will not survive another World War.

De-Escalation is in order.

Sincerely, Civilians everywhere.

The Canadian Crisis (aka the Trucker Freedom Convoy)

Prepare for Rant. Over?

Most of you know what started as a protest to mandated vaccines with people losing their jobs has turned into a nightmare up here in Canada. Our cities capital, and several of one our bridges (with several possibly being the next target) is being held hostage to a mob and mix of people (some from the United States which I just can’t understand how that was allowed) that have now just gone too far and caused a lot of fear and anxiety.

Calling it a ‘Freedom convoy’ and then causing what are essentially border-line domestic terrorism activities in our Country by blockading and shutting down our nation’s capital and bridges is appalling to say the least. Criminal possibly.

Whatever small sympathy the Truckers had at the beginning two days of the rally, at least for me, the extremists have crushed and turned into a Trump ideological fueled siege the likes of which Canadians have never seen in our history. Its shocking.

I do not believe most truckers agree with all that has happened. the news says 85 to 90% of em don’t.

I believe that. I know some truckers, its hard for me think they are all bad people. They are not.

But the record is clear, laws have been broken, lawsuits and tickets issued to hundreds of protestors and people who refuse to leave. Thousands of civilians who are stressed and tired of living in fear. Also to learn from the news that children were put in danger and to wonder how many of them were fearful at any time only adding to their own trauma as they grow up.

How does any parent justify bringing your child into a hostile environment is reprehensible and shocking to me. Violence has also been present as far as the news is reporting.

Sound and honking for 24 hours a day at one point is like a form of torture. Sound can kill. Look it up.

So, whatever disaster film we are witnessing, I’d like to walk out of the theater and go home.

The extremists should Go home too.

This isn’t the Canada I know and love and care about and we can’t continue to tolerate this kind of behaviour.

On top of this, we are still in a pandemic.

The numbers of people who die daily on the news count is a sobering reality for those families affected and the people who understand what death on this scale really means. It’s clear to me that most of the protestors have either forgotten the deaths or chosen not to live in reality or come to terms with the facts. Everyone has been affected by this deadly virus.

Everyone needs to start listening to the facts as we learn more on how to fight this off for good and not make their own opinions about science when the science is what IS keeping us alive in so many ways. Its cost so many lives needlessly.

Most of the protestors have made this about Trudeau and the government and not about health and science.

This virus pandemic should never have been politicised in the first place however its done and I can’t argue that because the virus affect civilians, it will always have some political ties. Its unavoidable and anyone who would politicize it is just plain stupid. The people will serve judgement if you have lied or misled. You can count on that. Its bad politics to be sure.

Ultimately, people are what matter here. The decisions that affect Canadians is what’s at stake. This is why we have a government at all, I might add because the issues faced by governments on this particular issue are too large for ordinary people to handle on their own. When things get this tough we need guidance, we need supports but we cannot start putting people against each other. We all must work together. A common set of guidelines free of ego, free of hypocrisy and free of desire. It must be science based. We have proven that over and over again.

Has government gone too far with mandates? Possibly. That’s policy, not science. Again, listen to the science and adapt. make better policy and better messaging and be cohesive.

One thing Does bother me.

All that was being asked of the protestors was to get vaccinated.

Something all Canadians have done at one time or another whether as a child for measles and smallpox virus or otherwise in school at a young age.

with 80 to 90 % of Canadians vaccinated we still are struggling in the health care workplaces.

That has to tell you something about how serious this issue is. Even vaccinated and boostered people are being admitted but they are NOT dying as much or staying in hospital long and that’s the whole point!

This time is no different except that this virus kills indiscriminately.

Putting a needle in your arm is what’s being asked.

Yes there is a human factor and there are at time mitigating circumstances and challenges with the vaccines.

But time and science are our weapons here but time is also a double edged sword.

Time is proving that people are essentially losing their minds.

Everyone understands this too.

There is no Silver bullet except time and the health care system we should all be protecting and supporting.

The vaccine prevents death and it prevents the hospital system from burning out. That is 101.

Are we all tired? Yes. Are the health care workers tired? You bet.

Does the virus care that we are tired? No.

Is it going to still keep finding ways to kill us until it burns out. Yep.

How do we shorten that time? Get a vaccine and a booster, wear a mask indoors and stay at least 6 feet away where possible. that messaging hasn’t changed.

It’s that simple.

In fact the virus from all the strains is probably still out there floating around laughing at us fighting each other.

The virus is the only one who is winning.

I’m upset for a bunch of reasons, in fact I’m damned angry about what’s happening in the world and at home.

This isn’t the Canada I remember growing up in. There’s too much trauma taking place.

We need a reset button. We need more balance and helping the individual with their goals.

We’ve lost perspective. Perhaps the non-educated or the young don’t understand what real oppression or civic duty is about.

Just ask anyone who lived through World War 2 and fought the Nazi’s.


Let’s all try to think positively and get back to being more balanced and thoughtful, creative and tolerant.

Let’s start thinking about humanity as a whole and solving problems together. Thats the world I want to see and one I want to live in. Nothing is perfect lets just make it livable shall we?

That a good ten four from me for now. Over and Out.

Till (hopefully) next article.


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