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Hello Everyone, Just a quick post here to say have a great happy holidays (As of this post, it's just
Hello Readers! This week I am pretty upset by the recent news about Barnes and Noble who have said that
Hello Readers! As I sit here watching the time, I realize just how much time has gone by. Nearing the
Hello Readers! I am writing today to share with you some of my experiences and hiccups as a new writer
Hello Readers! This week I am going to start talking about my book writing, agent finding and publisher finding journey
Hello everyone, I have debated with myself to even write this article. It's so hard to concentrate on things around
Hello Readers! I've decided to try to get back to some Camera gear news this week after watching several reviews
Hello All. Before you say it, yes its a catchy title isn't it, click baity in fact? But it makes
Hello Readers! Let me first wish everyone a happy holidays and healthy new years! I hope everyone continues to think
Hello Readers! I just wanted to comment on the events of this week as I am quite filled with emotion.