UAPs and UFO’s are Real? Senate to have hearing June 25th!

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I don’t normally post (this is getting to be a habit now of apologizing) about unrelated material that has traditionally not been my core Youtube, creative, and entertainment content on my site however since I am a sci-fi fan, a person keen on technology and world events, I can’t help but write today on what could be the most important news of humanities future!

The Pentagon declassification of UAP’s or what is most commonly known as UFOs has taken the internet by storm. The videos that have come out of credible military testimonies and oh wait a minute…Barrack Obama himself acknowledging that UAP’s or UFOs are out there and that we don’t know what they are (but he hasn’t admitted to aliens) but that they do pose a threat to national security.

Now before anyone closes the browser window, let’s point out a few details here.

No one is officially saying, it’s Aliens. At least, No one in power with any true scientific credentials I mean. This is more to do with a lack of direct scientific processed and peer reviewed evidence than to do with credibility at this point. If the Pentagon can’t get that evidence how can scientists? In truth there are a lot of problems, I mean not even a high resolution camera image enough to identify these “craft” in 8K as an example, however, they are damn close to saying aliens are real or at least the technology being displayed was alien-related. The video evidence is staggering and the people coming forward really don’t have much to gain, in fact, a lot to lose by coming forward with it.

Why is this important?

The U.S. Military has now openly acknowledged a real problem. That problem is the interceptions or incidents in national airspaces worldwide. Not just the United States either. There is now an active U.S. senate hearing scheduled to brief the U.S.Senate on ongoing activities and of the spending related to this on June 25th, 2021. No one has any other information or know’s what they are going to present to the Senate (other than probably budget increases or justifications for the program), including me.

Apparently, footage from back in 2007, was leaked to the internet in 2017 spurring some curiosity and pressure on the government and military leading up to this moment. Leaked gun camera footage from an F18 fighter aircraft to the press showed what the pilot coined the phrase a “tic tac” shaped UAP (UFO) engaging the American pilots while they were on maneuvers and were sent to investigate unknown radar contacts. These “tic tacs” could also disappear, submerge in water and do all kinds of maneuvers not possible by today’s military technology. Claims by the pilot that he saw with his eyes from about 50 feet away from a craft. This gun camera footage has been validated and there is also apparently radar data from a nearby U.S. Warship that validates the footage or at least corroborates what the pilots were experiencing. This has caused some alarm worldwide as this is the first time the military has acknowledged a UFO incident and “have” some data regarding it. The pressure has dramatically increased by the public over this. Apparently, UFO events in the skies have been going on for many years as there have been numerous stories in the news and pop culture regarding sightings. According to some of the new casts interviewing some key witnesses, there is more footage that has not been released to the public. Now it looks as if the Whole UFO question just became not if there are but more about what are they which is a huge shift in the discussion. I can’t stress enough how critical this is in relation to now having the military validate the issue. The Senate wants to be briefed and is looking for answers on how best to proceed to identifying and classifying these possible threats in the skies and I don’t blame them.

The government has had several secret programs over the years (declassified now) to investigate this type of phenomenon such as “Project Blue Book” as one major example from the 1952-1969s. This newer program was named something more generic to avoid drawing attention to its real purposes. they also decided to call them UAPs instead of UFO’s thinking that it would lessen the public interest and put UFOs on the government funding agenda more easily. It was called AATIP or Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The military maintains it’s doctrine in that you can’t shoot or defend against something you cannot identify. You can’t classify it as a threat unless you know what it is, that is the nature of this program and its focus and it needs financing in order to operate. Without funding you can’t operate and learn more about these incidents and objects. This program was already developed and funded with 22 million dollars of U.S. taxpayer’s money was created to try to learn more information about the aliens.. err…UAPs and possible threats to national security. Although Blue Book and Majestic (programs in the past) are no longer operating, this one is now going before the senate to see if it continues.

Canada also has had its fair share of incidents and reported sightings of UFOs over the years. The East coast has been active as have sightings like the famous story on the popular 1990s show, Unsolved Mysteries about a landed craft in the city of Carp, Ontario (near Ottawa). Niagara Falls has also spotted craft activity in years past. However, Let’s not confuse sightings with the news of the day. Some is going on, but what?

The news is unbelievable to me on so many levels. And by unbelievable to me, I mean I am astonished.

We haven’t even gone into the technical capabilities of what these UAPs are displaying in the air and what senior military and other former advisers are saying (and I paraphrase here) “Display characteristics of flight that is of 100 to 1000 years past our own technology level”. I mean Faster than light travel itself as proposed as a theory in modern science today, is so advanced and complicated, we are years away from it. But it’s not fiction anymore. Technology has a keen habit of being developed from great ideas. Great ideas lead to theories, theories lead to experimentation and manufacturing and testing and that leads to things we have today. So anything really is possible, it just takes time and resources.

They also believe with a 95% certainty that this is not China or Russia or any other international adversary or player due to the extreme technology leap that would be required. In the history of man their have been leaps forward, the Industrial revolution, the computer and internet revolution, the discovery of DNA as an example however, this type of leap is pretty inconceivable to most without some help from beyond us. It doesn’t quite track with previous leaps. The United States military itself said it can’t match the maneuvres these craft are making at significant G-Forces and wild accelerations. It would kill a human without technology assisting the pilot in some way and that technology doesn’t yet exist (at least to the mainstream world).

Politico’s YouTube Video =
CNN Video =
CTV News =
CBC News =

Defense Department (and other countries concerns)

Here are the top reasons for concern according to news that I have watched (i’ve paraphrased most):

  • Something is taking place in national airspace that disrupts the normal military routines
  • UAPs have been spotted with capabilities that far exceed the American Military capabilities by an extreme amount.
  • Militaries intelligence has failed to obtain much valuable information about who or what these things are.
  • The rate of increased interactions has increased with American fighter pilots and naval groups.
  • There is no way to defend from a threat like this if they are indeed a threat, can’t even identify them.
  • There is a horrible thought that the world is unprepared for what could be (paraphrasing) “9-11 or Pearl harbor event” that we as a species would be unable to prevent or prepare for adequately without more information on intent.
  • The Military would be unable to protect its citizens from such a threat (if one exists)

Sources: CTV News (Canada), CBC,  CNN, Politico, various other news agencies reporting on these occurrences around the world lately.

My take and reaction.

First off. Wow!

The United States’ former president doesn’t normally comment on things like this and neither do senior advisers, military personnel, or technical leads unless something big was about to happen. That’s my first thought.

My second thought is, Holly crap Aliens are real and they have cloaking devices! Holy crap! But that’s just both my hopes and my fears freaking out over the news.

My third thought was, I now have to go watch More of “Ancient Aliens” (the television show), because there may be more truths in that show than I originally gave them credit for!

Seriously though, I am very much waiting in anticipation of what the Senate hearing will uncover. Is 2021 going to be the year that we learn some truths about our existence and consequently the answer that many humans have been looking for? Are we alone?

My Conspiracy theories (okay I’ll admit this is my fear talking – the nonevidence fear)

Note: I do not like conspiracies or write about them but I’m feeling more creative today. My creative writing in the form of fear got the best of me today, so I am telling you about conspiracy stories. Please don’t be alarmed. Like all conspiracies, they are fiction until proven with evidence.

My First conspiracy theory:

I find it interesting that the news talks about increased contact or sightings of UFOs during Corona Virus in 2020.

More than curious, Are the two events and stories linked somehow that aren’t being told?

Is Covid19 an alien virus?

Was this all covered up to prevent humanity from discovering a much much bigger event?

You all remember War of the Worlds (the movie with Tom Cruise) and how aliens were defeated by the common cold.. was the reverse true in reality? Perhaps an alien sneezed on a scientist or the virus was taken as a blood sample and sent to a viral lab in china for research? Perhaps the stories of the escaping virus are true? Or was the true reason was it was being studied worldwide because the inevitable factor that one day, alien colds would be walking around with human colds so we all better get vaccinated now? The imagination runs wild when you look at the timing of things.

I am not a journalist. Although I respect and admire them greatly, (the Truth is always king), I must point out that none of what I just said is provable, reasonable, or have evidence to support it. I am a writer after all and live in that world. A journalist wouldn’t put these words to the page (except for the news I mentioned above which are real news networks reporting on UAPs and the senate hearing scheduled for June 25th – that’s real). Let’s be clear. We don’t want to add to the fake news that’s already out there, I’m just theorizing for the sake of entertainment and humor for the rest of the article.

Keep Calm, Carry on, and Don’t panic (or click away).

Let’s move on.

My Second Conspiracy:

Have aliens in fact been here for a very long time and are actually helping us save the planet from a much larger environmental disaster prevention engineering project?

What do I mean by that?

Earth’s magnetic poles have been shifting..Earth’s climate is changing due to climate change, the polar ice caps are disappearing, increasing forest fires and decreasing forests worldwide… Overpopulation (which is actually decreasing but not enough to change human behavior yet in the world) is causing all kinds of issues in relation to living peacefully on the planet.

Technology is helping but at a rapid pace an it’s leaving a lot of the population behind. Governments are weak to really help their people because of systems that were never designed to handle so many issues and new systems no one truly understands where it’s leading us and the problems are bigger than one government to solve alone.

Earth is definitely at a crossroads and has a lot going on. If you accept that aliens may in fact want life to succeed everywhere, they may even treasure life as rare in the galaxy as we should, then it is possible that some of the issues we are unaware of are events leading to our assistance rather than our extinction. The UAPs we’ve encountered could even be alien engineering and science teams being trucked in from other worlds to underground multi-planetary earth-based sites underneath the ocean (Where better to hide these places from the general un-assuming human populations they are trying to save). That could explain the increased traffic in UAPs and why these sightings tend to take place in areas the average people don’t normally see them on a daily basis.

Are these aliens here to help us beat global warming or cure disease?

Perhaps the Earth is already a part of a Men-in-Black global community but only a select few human officials who know about it like in the movies.

Perhaps panic is just the wrong move and that will deter the aliens from continuing to help us (Don’t try to shoot them down please).

The imagination soars when I think of the possibilities both good and bad.

The reality is, most of us will never know the truth unless that truth is forced or opening shared in the public. We as the public want to know and we want to know now.

The sad truth is, humanity still hasn’t learned a lot of its lessons of its own. That may be what sets us back time and time again. Even after all of the sci-fi content out there, educating us in a different imaginative way, there are still human wars, there are still selfish choices made that affect others in negative ways. We must contain and work through that part of us if we are ever to rise above and become enlightened. This may be a test, the first step towards that. It’s hard to say for sure because sometimes, it just has to happen and we have to deal with it before we can learn and grow.

I think we do have a right to know. Knowing is half the battle or half the problem solving, or half the knowing.. you get what I mean.

Knowing means we can think for ourselves and come up with a plan, feel relieved and relax or plan for the worst. Isn’t it always better to know so that we can be ready for whatever comes our way?

Some may argue ignorance is bliss. I can somewhat agree but then I think that would be like living in the matrix never knowing the truth all while feeling that reality is hiding something from you. What if out of the blue, an alien passed me on the street? I would be caught off guard and probably freak out if that was revealed to me, it would trigger those primitive instincts. I would probably react and do all the wrong things that are against my thoughtful frontal lobe brain all because our primitive threat assessment parts of our brains take over. My brain simply wouldn’t have enough information to rationalize the threat or calm the fear but I wouldn’t exactly know how I would react unless it happened. Knowing is therefore essential.

But let’s face the facts, everyone is different. Knowledge at a slow pace about aliens is paramount. I mean it’s been a long time since “the Roswell incident”, so we have had enough time to digest all of the possible implications in science fiction. At some point you just have to show us what’s true. We will never truly be 100% ready but let’s still do it fairly slowly because let’s face it, it’s a whopper!

Also, Politicians, please don’t lie to the public anymore. 4 years of fake news have dulled our senses. We need to get back to Fact-based evidence (except in fictional story telling). We’re smarter now than ever and we hate that others try to trick us. That’s the past, let’s move on.

I want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and yes. I think I can handle it. At least I won’t be alone when it happens. Let’s not open the flood gates though. Small doses so that we get to know these beings and treat them with the respect. If true that aliens exist, are here and have been for a while, the first details will create a sensation that Earth has never seen before in it’s history. It will be historic. Let’s rejoice and not cower in fear. We will want to know every detail if and when they are revealed to us in due time. We want to know alien value systems and whether we can trust them or not. We need to know that too. We need to know what they like to eat for breakfast? Do they drink coffee? Can we have coffee with them and discuss galactic matters? All important things!

The “Simple Truth” is usually the right one

Like that one line from the song by Queen, “Is this the real life or is this just fantasy?…”

Is this a smokescreen to get more funding for the Military or is it something more than that?

In my heart, I know that if aliens exist and are here already on Earth already, they are not here to harm us or at least harm our civilization on purpose. For they surely would have already done that with big fricken laser beams (or phasers and photon torpedoes). I mean why bother developing complicated anti-gravity and warp drive technology unless you plan to explore space and meet new civilizations, seeking out new life where ever you go to find meaning in both your own race’s life but also common ground with other races? There is some truth that all life probably evolves from struggle, natural selection, and to some degree warfare and as we know it (but hate it), slavery. You know all that bad stuff that intelligent beings who are further advanced than us would always look back on and try to be better than they were before. It’s called progress and learning from mistakes. I fail to see why superior aliens would be anything other than curious and helpful beings with a mission of their own to help others or explore. The only possible motive is slavery or mining for resources but let’s try to stay positive here for a moment and let that primitive brain rest.

I for one, am looking forward to that senate hearing result. Learning more about these UAP (UFO) encounters going forward and other information we haven’t yet heard about. It’s a worldwide issue and not just an American one too.

Aliens if you are watching, A word of advice, you might be better off getting a YouTube channel and start educating humans before you do more flybys. Humans can be stupid, irrational, selfish, and fearful but we do listen to some pretty crazy people on YouTube already. Given the right delivery, alien education could be the next big thing on YouTube! Don’t give up on us though, try everything you think sends the correct message. Some of us humans are worth the effort. We just need time to adjust.

Oh and bring donuts and pizza. I’m guessing everyone in the universe likes donuts and pizza. I mean they are both the right shape and tasty.

And if this whole thing turns out to be a true alien revelation, I may have to stop writing Sci-fi for good. Perhaps a Sci-fi Drama or two though. could be a new thing. Only time will tell.

Until next time,

Keep looking up!

[Edited for clarity and dramatic effect: June 8th 2021]


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