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Hello Readers!

I know its been a while since my last post. 2020 was a horrible year. That’s an understatement in so many ways…

2021 isn’t shaping up to be a great one either however there is some hope. We all just have to survive through it.

I want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and the current year as the struggle for everyone continues as we fight this deadly pandemic and try staying sane in a world where our own homes are our prison at times and to reconnect with you the viewer and ask you how you are doing and that I hope you and your families are doing well. You have my sympathies. It’s been a rough year.

Recent events in the States (January 6th) and My Rant!

I also was shocked and horrified and deeply upset by the events of January 6th in the United States and of the realization that the world has become broken. Society itself is showing signs of deterioration and we must all try to prevent it. With so many challenges on the horizon even for the ordinary everyday person living in these times, we are all overloaded and stressed.

Luckily the situation in the united states is changing with the new leadership in a positive direction and we have to continue that in the rest of the world. My hope is that even after the pandemic we start to see a shift towards the individual in matters of financial, mental and physical health well being and making everyone a part of a society to be able to pursue their interests, skills and needs instead of the economic slavery, rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer system that needs major overhaul in the coming decades. I’m not anti-capitalist. In fact, I’m anti-greed most of the time however i do have a business so i understand having a profit margin. Were not talking about moderates here. I feel our extreme Businesses and record profit grossing businesses that do not take or invest there own people into account are rotting our societies out like a hollow tree. Where does it stop and the people and the communities in which those people live do not even have basics in some areas? I mean Donald Trump only paying $750.00 a year in taxes while making a more than i will ever see in my lifetime as president? Come on.

Eventually, something is going to give out and we are already seeing that happen in our more at-risk people and neighborhood’s. Some argue Socialism a bad word, I say Horse shit! Socialism does not mean Communism and definitely does not mean you have no freedom or like a free market! It means taking care of your people. Yes, even the people you may not like for whatever (usually invalid reasons) because a safer, cleaner and friendlier neighborhood means more happiness to everyone not just a select group. Don’t you want to live in a safer place and have more chances to succeed?

Society is much more than a labour force. They are real people with real lives. People with hopes and dreams of our own. Right now, those hope and dreams are being put on hold and that has consequences for everyone. It isn’t a matter of working hard and frankly some can work a little harder however that is a total red herring as most people are working harder than ever and getting no where. There are some who make very little but work really hard and there are those that don’t work very hard and earn more money than anyone can dream of in a lifetime simply because of certain circumstances, people they know or luck. I realize the fix isn’t as easy as you might think. Hell give everyone a million dollars right? No. It’s not that simple because the problem is systemic in nature but we have to do something because the inequality in our systems is getting worse not better and it needs some repairs and reforms. The pandemic is only the latest crisis that has shone a very bright light on where we are failing as a world. There were many problems before it took place. But what do we do? We start talking and planning and learning from the experts (no thats not me).

Now as most of you know, I typically do not post political or societal beliefs on my website and that my views tend to be moderate or centric most of the time. I don’t like labels as they are not very useful to define people. I sometimes stray a little left and sometimes a little right however before the right-wing hardcore’s start yelling at me and giving me hate mail, I am not anti-capitalist. I’m anti-extremes! Just look at the middle class. Its practically gone if not already. House prices are near record highs.. Don’t get me wrong, money will continue to drive investment and create jobs and an economy however what that looks like and how money is distributed to the people needs to be re-evaluated. How about putting it into your people and retraining them instead of a CEO’s pocket?

On the flip side, the generation of value and money amongst our business leaders and political sides needs to find better ways at protecting, designing and investing in our own economies and how we can best create the wealth to invest in our own people to give them the opportunity for success and lessen the barriers to success. Not only good pay but worthwhile jobs that give those that seek them and meaningful lives. we must also protect the less fortunate and find ways to encourage them to succeed in their own capacities. Leaving people behind is not an option. Business leaders need to become engineers to meet the needs of the world in order to drive a more modern approach to business. That includes the individual, the community and the government, oh and paying their fair share of taxes so that the poor have heat, shelter and food on the table. It’s not that hard to do the right thing.

I think the word I’m looking for is Balance. The world needs more balance on the whole. History will judge a nation or the people based on how they treat the most disadvantaged, disabled or less privileged people in its population.

Ask yourself how are we doing?

Okay, enough lecturing.. this is a website and channel dedicated to creativity, camera gear and aquarium right? Yes however creativity can not survive in a society, nation or world where it gets snuffed out due to lack of finance. The all mighty dollar is important but one cannot survive without the other. Nothing would get made, produced, directed, shot, filmed acted.. you get the point.

During this pandemic we have seen human suffering in leading countries in the world at an unprecedented rate. This has to stop. Its leading to a world that has become unbalanced and dangerous. The worst of those affected are people at risk, the disabled, the people who have little support or no families who are struggling. Even more so than others who do have support systems. We must do better as a world community. The inequality in the world is staggering and on the rise.

How Have I been?

I will admit, I have not been very active on YouTube or trying to follow business pursuits. My lack of motivation and general fatigue as well as the pandemic struggles has forced me to change priorities for a time. Last year I managed to put out very little in content compared to 2019. The struggle continues to get back on track.

In fact I’ll admit, my business is really a failure. Most other small businesses are failing too. Some of us were struggling long before the pandemic hit for various reasons. We need to stop raising the bar on small businesses to the point where most just give up.

Even though my business is bad (I partly blame myself here but small business is tough and YouTube is a tough business), my generation of ideas continues because thats what I care about most. Creating. I love creating interesting content and creating new worlds or ideas about doing things that I share with you however recently more personal challenges as well as financial challenges to keep a business running have changed the very nature of my and others existence and pursuits. Without investment, sustainability and reducing barriers to entry (i’m looking at you YouTube) no one will be able to overcome the constantly changing system in order to succeed. More work is needed on all sides. Creators and Artists are not commodities.

Am I ever going to put out more content?

That being said, Youtube is still the best platform to reach a broad audience and showcase talent, art, creativity or any pursuit you have. I’m not giving up entirely but my channel must now rest for a bit and become back to basics and return to a hobby channel in my spare time. Youtube has taken a back seat but my existing content will remain online and intact as long as I can keep it that way. When I decide to create more videos, you will of course get notified (Shameless plug for asking you to subscribe to my YouTube channel)

But… I’ve decided to switch gears and experiment with other medias for the time being.

Last year I wrote my first feature movie screenplay. It was something of a new passion for me. Four months of solid work on something that was entirely new and essential to keep me busy during really times. I found that writing was an easier yet very challenging environment to work in and I could do it from my living room.

The pandemic is still taking its toll on the Entertainment industry as a whole but the creativity is still going on behind the scenes. Eventually, it will come back but it’s unclear whether movies in actual theatres will ever get to the same levels as before however I believe there are more opportunities for content in the future. Only time will tell and either way I’m pegging my vote on more content rather than less.

For me just accomplishing something so difficult was worthwhile. That was a good feeling and I intend to hold on to good things now more than bad and work along those lines.

So why am I telling all of you this?

Well, for one reason, writing is a form of therapy. It helps to write about things that bother me or are helpful to others. I encourage anyone to start writing if they have an interest even if its just a daily journal or a short story that you have burning inside.

For me, I am trying to turn things around to a positive as much as possible now. With so much negativity this is key to mine and everyones recovery as a human race, feeling a sense of accomplishment and that we can make a difference in ourselves as well as in others. Were all in this together or at least I hope we are. that brings me to thanking a few people here:

Let me also take a moment to mention our amazing medical and first line responders, staff and other front line workers who have taken the brunt of this pandemic. Without you we would all be lost. So thank you. You are true heroes to me and everyone else. From those of us who are not able to do what you do, THANK YOU!

Helping others by listening (simple right?)

I’d like to ask everyone who reads this to consider helping someone in need by doing simple things which go along way.

First. Listen to other people for a change instead of thinking about yourself and your needs. This is a hard one for some but makes a great deal of difference for others. Other do care about you and you matter as well, but listening to others first, dedicating your time to listening to others can help others greatly.

A simple conversation, a zoom call, a socially distanced chat. They can all make differences in peoples lives around you.

This is one of the reasons this pandemic has been so much more destructive than its death toll (which is absolutely horrible) the side effects of what it is doing to our society. We are all social creatures. This virus has eaten away at society itself. Our societies had its issues before the pandemic but things are different now. We need to ensure that doesn’t destroy us as civil society. Once this virus has gone away we should learn the lessons from it and not ignore them.

Listening, understanding, reaching out and supporting (if you are able to) are all things people can do for each other during times of need and should continue regardless of whether or not there is a pandemic. Recognizing that everyone also has different needs as well but that the one thing we all share is the sense of feeling Loved, having support, and knowing we are not alone. This can make all the difference in everyone’s lives.

Final message

Take the time to think about who it is in your life that you might be able to help in some way. Perhaps it’s that neighbor down the street who you haven’t seen in a while. Perhaps it’s a family member who lives far away. Perhaps the homeless person needs a few bucks to get a hamburger. Consider it.

Until the next article, I promise. No more politics..

Take care and be safe!


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