World of Tanks Shia Labeouf Style (Fan Spoof/Parody)

For those of you that don’t know, One of my favorite pastimes is playing Tanks in World of Tanks created by

If you don’t know what World of Tanks is, check out wargaming’s site @

Essentially It’s a World War 2 Tank Real Time Strategy game with 15 on 15 teams that compete to dominate the other side similar to real tank battles that took place. Although not completely historical, the game comes close to experiencing what its like to engage the enemy with  a big tank.

In this game Tank players can join what are called Clan’s. These clans act as social and strategic entities. A lot of players have formed lasting friendships and met a lot of people online who enjoy this type activity. Clan’s typically communicate by using out of game  communication software like Team Speak or Mumble for example. Teams can real time chat with each other outside of the gaming environment this way.

As part of the camaraderie  that takes place in online gaming, certain “personalities and aggression” can result often times requiring a timeout. On the flip side you see players who are either too tired from work and still make it to the game or just plain not thinking  at certain times.

This calls for some Motivation and who better than the Shia Labeouf. He’s a known actor who can be intense and on top of things  motivating you  (or just plain yelling at you to get you moving ?)

With the recent release of a green screen video of him to the creative commons share-alike library, I decided to create my own tribute and shout out  to World of Tanks and Shia Labeouf.




Credits”LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner”
Video from:Joshua Parker’s segment of #INTRODUCTIONS from

and Battle footage from in-game battle play by me for non-commercial, instructional and entertainment purposes only.

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