The Dumb Customer – New Web Series in Development!

Hellllo Everyone!

From the Deserts in the middle east  comes an unknown hero, wait ? what’s that ? He can’t speak ?

What would it be like if you couldn’t talk but needed to call customer support for something ?

Our new Series entitled “The Dumb Customer” takes you on the adventures in customer support with our man Ackmar “Handlebar” Abboudabbie otherwise known as “Habs”.

Ackmar is from Abboudai (a ficticious country) and is getting ready to move to North America!

Through his experiences calling about common everyday products, he learns the correct way to use them and how different words can mean different

things !

How can Ackmar call to ask customer support about things you ask ? Through his TTY laptop machine of course !

This new series in Development ! Coming Soon 2016 !

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