The GH5s Announced at CES 2018!

Recently and finally I was able to buy a GH5. Late to the game I have been waiting for this camera for a very long time. I must say I am in love with the GH5 so far.

4K 4:2:2 10-bit internal. Full Open Gate Anamorphic 5K if needed. 4K 60fps smooth buttery footage goodness.

But here comes a new flavor of the GH5…

So then why would I or anyone else want or even look at another seemingly similar camera?

The answer is it depends…

That is because the GH5s is a low light camera. Its the same camera except with a changed sensor and fewer features as well as some new ones.

The ideal customer for this new camera is a filmmaker who needs the superior low-light ability and has the stabilized gear to make this camera work well because Panasonic has chosen to remove the In-Body Image Stabilization. Yes that’s right, one of the main features that gave the Panasonic GH5 it’s mobility and portability and increased its cinematic value, now removed.

Thats not all, because the sensor is now an effective 10.28MP sensor (11.93 Total pixels), it has less than half the megapixels which mean less oversampling to get better image quality versus the GH5’s 20.8 MP sensor however you still get 4K footage just not 5 or 6K

The sensor is now a multi-aspect sensor which means that its capable of supporting all aspects without cropping any of them! sounds good in theory. Why would Panasonic do this ? One is low light but the other rumor is that by removing the IBIS allows for less shake and vibration when using stabilizers. wasn’t the whole point of the IBIS so it wouldn’t shake?

Back to low light, The bigger the light gathering ability of this camera means it can punch above its weight do to having a larger pixel size while remaining on Micro Four Thirds.

It won’t be able to compete directly with the Sony A7S line due to the massive increase in real estate but its about half now. Actually, the Panasonic GH5s uses a Sony sensor in it so Sony is the big winner here anyways.

Don’t get me wrong though, the GH5 and GH5s both have their uses. I think Panasonic is now embracing the multiple cameras for different purposes now just like Sony has done.

Another interesting factor of the GH5s is its use of a Dual Sensor native ISO which reduces noise when shooting in different lighting situations. ISO 400 and ISO 2500 under normal color profile. VLOG-L and HLG modes are doubled.

Other important information on the GH5s is that it can go up to 240fps in 1080p footage (but usable and buttery smooth at 180 fps whereas the GH5 is usable at 120fps but can go up to 180fps).

VLOG-L is now also included on the camera and not a separate purchasable option.

For the complete specs on the GH5s check out the full spec sheet:

For me, however, I am sticking with my GH5 as most of the shooting I do is well lit. For those cases of low light, I will be using faster lenses with Speedboosters or light my scene as best I can. Noise reduction software will also help in post-production for most cases.

Most Low Light video Enthusiasts and pros are waiting for Sony’s new un-announced A7S Mark III to appear this year. The Panasonic GH5s pales in comparison even to the A7SII as full frame sensor definitely have an advantage however if you are heavily invested in MFT lenses and system and need Low light ability, the GH5s might be for you.

For me, I’m Sticking with my new GH5 for now and if I need Lowlight I’ll choose the right tool for the job that fits my budget.

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