Green Killing Machine – UV Filter Product Review

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So after my last video “How to Change a canister filter”, I still was not getting anywhere with the cloudy water issue. After a couple of water changes and a canister change, things weren’t improving any.

I did some research on the problem and discovered that it was indeed a bacterial bloom. This bacterial bloom more than likely was the bad kind.. which is to say, not the beneficial bacteria that you do  want in your tank.

The solution was one of two choices: Chemically treat the water   with a de-clouding agent   OR   use an Ultraviolet Light (UV) Lighting system.

Well I happened to have another UV lighting system on hand, but didn’t have any bulbs for it. This older system I was using was also a serious pain to set up and use properly. I didn’t have a water pump or bulbs for it and it was going to require buying  a spray bar or filter module to be effective.

I decided to head to my local fish store (shout out to Petland in St. Catharines!!!)

Petland is my favorite local supplier in Niagara. Their information and Quality of fish is top notch.

After talking with them, they introduced me to a newer product that I hadn’t heard of before now, which is called the Green Killing Machine.

This UV filter is submersible, is one unit with pump and a replaceable sealed UV  bulb and sleeve. This set up makes thing a lot easier for those short times where you need to filter your water to get it clear but don’t want to leave the unit running or in your tank for long periods of time.

In my case I have a 20 gallon tall tank and  having more equipment isn’t what I want long term in the tank.

Bulbs typically will last 8-9 month (8 hours a day) according to the instructions.

Perfect device for my needs.

Water became crystal clear within 8-12 hours of running the UV system.

Have a look at the video to see the product and how easy it is to set up !





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